Daylight LED Technology

Color temperature 5,500K / Color rendering index 90 Ra+

Dental Photography Made Simple

Utilizing LED to take advantage of accurate color determination

Introducing COCO Lux

COCO Lux features natural daylight properties

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Mobile dental photography solution



Sometimes it can be a hassle to take your camera equipment with you everywhere you go. Say goodbye to the bulkiness and welcome a new dental photography solution.

COCO Lux is great for shade taking. Color temperature is 5.500k with a color index of 90ra+

Daylight LED

COCO Lux® uses LED light source that is the closest to natural light. When you take shade, it prevents any optical deception or distortion caused by other surrounding light.


Color temperature: 5500K (White)

Color rendering index: Above 90Ra

2-in-1 shape

Lighting module on COCO Lux® is adaptable to two shape modes

Ring shape: Optimized for shade taking

Twin shape: Optimized for dental photography

The curved lighting part is able to rotate 90 degrees in order to utilize twin flashing in both vertical and horizontal.

Adjustable size

Compatible with any kind of mobile / smart phone with a width of 55mm to 89mm.

As this solution features a sliding structure, it is able to change its position according to different camera locations of each phone and is compatible with phone cases.*

* Flip case may require removal of its cover to use COCO Lux®

Mobile dental photography solution

Daylight LED technology

to capture true color for shade taking.

There is beauty in simplicity

Snap the photo, text/email it straight to the doc,

or through any message application!


in dental photography


COCO Lux® features natural daylight properties (color temperature 5,500K / color rendering index 90 Ra+) by utilizing LED to take advantage of accurate color determination.

COCO Lux® is designed to attach to your smartphone for photo taking.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

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